Roamware responds as data tariff deadline looms

Roamware, the provider of global mobile roaming solutions and software, has confirmed that recent enhancements to its portfolio of solutions were helping operators to comply with fast-approaching European Union deadlines to improve transparency of charging for data roaming.

Roamware’s solution automatically advises customers via SMS or email of the likely data charges they will incur when they roam onto a mobile network other than own. This immediate notification serves as an early warning system.

Thereafter, the Roamware system constantly monitors the roaming charges being incurred and provides regular updates of costs to the user. It also allows pre-set limits to be determined so that the costs can never escalate out of control.

Bobby Srinivasan, president and CEO at Roamware, said: “We can help operators make bill shock a thing of the past for the many millions of roaming customers who want to be able to access email and mobile internet services from their phone while travelling. As the EU Parliament council’s 1 July deadline fast approaches, we are seeing an increasing interest in the flexibility offered on our solutions and the enhancements to our Outreach Messaging application.

“By combining Data Tariff Advisor with Outreach Messaging alongside our Roaming Service Controller, we help operators comply with the EU regulation by providing advance warning of costs that are about to be incurred. We also enable users to set maximum levels of spend on data roaming with full flexibility to stop or extend services,” he added.

Roamware already provides roaming software solutions to more than 90 existing operator customers in Europe, many of whom are now engaged in implementation or negotiation to extend their services in order to meet the new 1 July regulations. Other operators in Europe are also in negotiation to implement Roamware solutions for the first time.

“We are seeing a surge of interest as the deadline approaches,” Srinivasan confirmed. “Not just from within Europe. Our operator customers in other parts of the world are also recognising the benefits of improving customer information with this capability.

“Ultimately, this is about openness, control and flexibility,” he said. “It is important that customers can manage their expenses, and by being proactively warned about approaching the pre set limit on their roaming spends, they can tighten or loosen the purse strings according to their needs.”

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