Rocom Launches Reseller Marketing Initiative

Voice and data telecommunications distributor, Rocom, today announced the launch of its Reseller Marketing Programme. The initiative will focus on providing VARs with essential marketing expertise in the production of brochures, websites, catalogues, exhibition displays, direct mail, e-bulletins, PR and newsletters.

Rocom’s multi-disciplinary creative resource comprises 20 staff – six marketing specialists, an award-winning design agency of seven designers, a new media (web) design team of six and an in-house digital photography studio.

Richard Carter, Rocom’s Managing Director said, “Rocom has undertaken Reseller marketing in the past, but it is only recently that we have really started to focus on it as a core support proposition. In times of economic slowdown many companies chose to downsize their marketing operation – this is absolutely the wrong thing to do. As times tighten we aim to help our resellers fight more effectively for market share and profile.”

Phil Hambly, Sales & Marketing Director for Rocom said, “Marketing Support forms one of the 11 pillars of our Total Distribution Proposition – We have no doubt that today’s distribution model is about proving a support infrastructure that delivers tangible benefit to our resellers. In a climate where some choose to compete on price alone we are looking to raise the bar and add real long-term value to our reseller partners. Over the years we’ve accrued a huge amount of in-house marketing and design experience – and that’s a key point – flexibility, spatial awareness and channel understanding can only really be delivered from an in-house team, and we believe we’ve one of the best – An award winning team, from the industry working for the industry. We think it’s a winner.”

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