Rocom Support Reseller for State-of-the-Art Installation

Reseller, Absolute Network Solutions (ANS) has provided a large-scale Samsung OfficeServ installation at The Kerrygold Food Co Ltd new production plant in Leek, Staffordshire.

The installation, completed in February 2009, is the latest in a series of large-scale projects in the food-manufacturing sector undertaken by ANS. The facility is now fully operational, incorporating over 150 analogue, digital, IP and mobile wi-fi extensions.

As well as having to integrate handsets into different stages of the production line (necessary to prevent production bottle-necks) the installation also required ANS to pioneer a large-scale wi-fi mobility solution to give production supervisors and managers the ability to use their work mobiles as a single-point of contact – both on-site and off-site. Using the market-leading wi-fi capabilities of the OfficeServ range, a system was proposed which integrated 3rd party handsets which switch between the local wi-fi and GSM networks seamlessly – allowing free-roaming connectivity. This solution has proved extremely popular with the end-user.

The quality of the proprietary Samsung handsets was also a key element of the project. Dean Fulbrook, IT Support Manager at Kerrygold Foods explains, “We were building a modern, stylish building and we needed our telephone handsets to fit in. Samsung gave us the consistent look and feel in all of our handsets which we were after to reduce training costs, as well as a sleek and stylish design which looks at home in our new office space.”

Nick Davies, Director at ANS comments – “Samsung’s OfficeServ fit the bill perfectly for the installation at Kerrygold, with its’ wireless LAN capabilities at the forefront of the facilities’ new communications system. Combined with a competitive price point and the strength of the Samsung brand, these elements convinced the customer to switch from their incumbent provider to Samsung,

In a challenging project like this the strength of our relationship with Rocom is key. The open and honest support we receive from our Samsung Account Manager gives us great confidence in dealing with customers as we know that our orders will always be delivered right time, right place.

At Kerrygold we had to really push the wi-fi capabilities of the OS system and knowing that we can rely on the advice and information passed to us by Rocom is also vital in making the project run smoothly.”

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