Roll out of the first 4G network in Belgium by Belgacom

Belgacom is rolling out Belgium’s first 4G network and is entering into a strategic partnership with Fon, the largest Wi-Fi community in the world, to create an even higher performance mobile network. Through the collaboration with Fon, Belgacom customers will be able to experience their fixed internet experience while on the move.

Belgacom is the first Belgian operator to start rolling out 4G. The fast 3G network will be extended with 4G or LTE technology. This will allow customers to use their mobile data applications with even greater ease on their smartphone, laptop or tablet.

A limited group of Belgacom professional customers will start to use 4G as from now. They will be equipped with 4G USB sticks for laptop use. Belgacom will launch a commercial offer as soon as there are enough devices on the market that support 4G and there is sufficient demand from consumers and companies.

4G enables data traffic to be transferred at very high speed, up to 10 times faster than 3G. It will be possible to stream a video on a smartphone, laptop or tablet immediately, without any download interval.

Moreover, 4G will considerably increase the capacity of the mobile network so that the increased use of mobile services and solutions will be absorbed without any problem. Belgacom is using the existing 1.8 GHz frequency band for the 4G roll-out and provides 4G coverage in Hasselt, Mons, Waver and the industrial park of Haasrode.

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