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Roses are Red, Money is Gold – Up to £1000 Cashback with Ethernet Sold!

In a Valentines Day themed initiative Network services firm Timico is upping the rewards for resellers selling their Ethernet services by offering up to £1000 cashback for every circuit sold.

Together with the government-backed offer for super connected cities of up to £3000 cashback this makes it a bonanza time for resellers to upgrade their customers connectivity.

Speaking exclusively to Comms Business Magazine, Managing Director Darren Hilton said, “Most businesses in the UK are SMEs and for them connectivity is key to both their operations and their competitiveness. Some resellers are really taking on board the current incentives available for upgrading their customers whilst many other resellers are simply letting the opportunities to make extra money slip away.

Our Ethernet cashback offer, which will initially run until the end of June, is unique in the market place and has immediately attracted the attention of our existing resellers. We will be looking to ensure all of our channel partners take advantage of the offer as well as seeking to recruit new partners.”

Hilton continued, “Connectivity is such a key issue for business today. Without fast access firms are literally limited by the applications they can use to effectively run their business. However, today there even fewer reasons why SMEs cannot have the same superfast connectivity that larger enterprises enjoy. The cashback we provide can be used by the reseller in any way – they can put it in their bank or pass it on as an incentive for their customers.”

Looking ahead Hilton believes that resellers will progressively and further support their customers by providing applications and services via virtual data centres.

“Here resellers can allocate resources and spin up services quickly and cost effectively for their clients. Superfast access is therefore a key to unlocking that potential for the reseller thus making the need to switch their customers to Fibre a no-brainer.”

Timico is also set to enhance their PartnerEye Portal for resellers and Comms Business Magazine will be test driving and reviewing the services offered later in the Spring.

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine