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RTR: Myles Leach on lockdown

In this quick fire interview Comms Business spoke to Myles Leach, UK MD of NFON.

CBM: What have you learned from your lockdown?

How much I missed travelling and the social interaction of being in the office with my colleagues

CBM: What are you most looking forward to when things get back to ‘normal’?

Travel – international/holidays/national/seeing family

CBM: What has been your best TV/ Film viewing during the lockdown?

Bangers & Cash! I am a classic car enthusiast and soon to be owner

CBM: The analysts are talking about the UK hitting the worst recession in 300 years? Is the Channel in trouble?

Right now, and before the pandemic there is a great opportunity to invest in business communications from the cloud! The channel is very important.

CBM: Has the Channel stepped up enough to help customers and partners downstream with payment holidays etc?

From our perspective, and the suppliers we deal with, I am sure that each partner is keen to ensure our channel is working very well.

CBM: What is the Channel going to look like in a post-COVID landscape?

It’s still too early to be sure. However, many businesses are now seeing the benefits of remote working, despite potentially culturally adverse too it in the past. Looking ahead, they will want to implement smarter working practices to better enable a more agile workforce. We can certainly expect is an increase in business demand for technologies that enable effective working from any location – which is great news for the channel.

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine