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RTR: Sangoma – enquiries on the up

For businesses looking to preserve cash flow delaying payments to suppliers is standard behaviour, rightly or wrongly. The Channel was holdings its breath in April and May waiting for the cascade of cancelled direct debits and cancelled payments, but for the most part it was a wave of hardship that didn’t happen. With the government’s support packages propping businesses up and owners needing to keep the lights on, those that supply comms and IT have been paid… for now.

At the other end you have those projects which should have completed in the first half of the year. Are they completing, being delayed? Comms Business spoke to Simon Horton, VP of Sales, Europe at Sangoma about his experiences over the last few months when it comes to customer decisions.

He said,”We see customers that were in the middle of making a decision finalising that decision. However, other customers more in the early funnel of making a decision are holding off a bit to see how they will be impacted by the lockdown.

It’s also split by segment, although not necessarily channel related, we have seen a number of European carriers rapidly add capacity to their networks which have driven significant purchases.

“We definitely are seeing a rise in Unified Communications enquiries and cloud inquiries. Both of these technologies help ‘future proof’ and enable enhanced work from home capabilities.

Unified Communications is a basic business phone system but with ability to offer softphones with the same business number, conferencing, collaboration, presence, and mobile phones that also utilise your business phone number. These enable and are at the forefront for enabling this new work remote / work from home environment we’re all experiencing right now.

What we are seeing, which we might expect, are a few businesses, especially in verticals like hospitality delaying buying decisions due to cash flow concerns.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine