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RTR: The Channel will be ‘Deep in cloud’ – ByPhone

For the Comms Business Road to Recovery series James Wells, Head of Channel Sales at Byphone talks about what he thinks the landscape will look like in a post-COVID world.

The Channel will be deep in the cloud, so deep in may be foggy. Customers need to move away from infrastructure that is based on a premises. It doesn’t have the flexibility to cover remote working.
Customer loyalty will be worth more. Customers will be reluctant to move to new suppliers who they have never met unless their current suppliers are unable to meet their needs.

It will be a time of profound change as the changes that cloud services had already started will start accelerating.

Our hosted telephony platform, byphone, is tailormade for end-users in such times. We’ve all heard how easy everyone’s platforms are, however with byphone, the ease of use and simplicity empowers end-users to make complex changes without the need of reading a manual. As such, our drag and drop technology has been revolutionary for businesses needing to control and change call flows and ring groups more reguraly than previously.

On top of administrating a system, a special mention needs to be made for our home-workers module. We’ve launched a temporary, bolt on module that allows old PBX users to avail of a hosted phone system, integrated with their PBX with full functionality. This bolt-on module has been game-changing for businesses implementing a remote workforce while keeping their current setup with zero disruption.

During the pandemic, we’ve made rapid headway with for our new product launch, byroute. It’s a zero-touch deployment, managed network platform. Providing the channel with managed networks, in one portal. Partners can deploy, install and administer every component of a network from one portal. Such as broadband tails, routers, switches and access points.

The significant benefit being telco’s can now become MSP’s without employing significant resource, if not any. The hardware is pre-configured with zero-touch deployment and has fundamental assumptions to provide a secure network purpose-built for voice and cloud computing.

Our byphone product which is geared to help remote work with simple user interface that all users can manage their own personal ring groups will deliver a very positive sales pipeline over the next six months. Our sales have continued to grow through the lockdown.

Just a minute:

•What have you learned from your lockdown?

I like work more than I thought.

•What are you most looking forward to when things get back to ‘normal’?

A pint

•What has been your best TV/ Film viewing during the lockdown?

Game of Thrones, as it lasts as long as the lockdown and its set in our hometown of Northern Ireland.

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