RTX Announces Fast Pay

RTX has announced the introduction of RTX Fast Pay, a service feature that bridges the cash flow gap between carriers buying and selling voice, SMS and data services. With this new facility, RTX is able to provide suppliers with faster access to funds thereby improving their cash flow and competitiveness in the marketplace.

With the introduction of Fast Pay, RTX becomes the first carrier exchange to offer expedited payment terms across its existing range of services, removing the traditional barriers faced by suppliers dealing with large carriers who pay on extended terms. RTX’s quality assured and fully credit insured model enables quick and guaranteed payments, which allows suppliers to generate immediate revenue, manage cash flow and plan further destinations.

RTX Fast Pay is a usage based service so suppliers maximise their return in the wholesale cycle of fluctuating capacity and demand. The service sits across the RTX exchange, providing carriers with a robust and financially secure environment to conduct transactions and enter into mutually beneficial agreements.

Andrew Jacobs, Sales Director at RTX, explained: “Our exchange allows operators to identify profitable routes and destinations for network traffic. RTX Fast Pay provides suppliers with much faster payments allowing them to better manage their cash flow and increase supply based on capacity requirements.”

Albert Mackey, CEO at RTX, added: “RTX Fast Pay enables greater competition in the wholesale market as it increases the volume of competitive supply. Through RTX both sets of carriers enter into fully secured agreements with improved control of their cash flow and growth opportunity.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine