Sales Chief Hails Mitel Performance

Enda Kenneally, Sales Director at Mitel, has told Comms Business Magazine that there are many reasons why her company are sitting comfortably at the top of the MZA table for SME sales performance in the first half of 2008.

“We are touching the dealers directly. Since we changed to a single tier reseller only channel in May 2007 we have doubled the number of account managers in the field. Together with our resellers we are jointly building business plans. This is not rocket science – dealers wanted to do business directly with Mitel and now we are seeing the results.”

Kenneally also cites the takeover of Inter-Tel which was completed last autumn.

“The absorption of Inter-Tel took a while to settle down and we had to make some tough decisions. Today the people, the products and the channels are integrated. Series 5000 systems are selling well throughout our entire channel and two key former Inter-Tel personnel, Chris Lee and Nick Aitkman, are regional managers within our SME channel team. The cross fertilisation of products between the two previously separate channels is excellent and to the point where Actimax, a former Inter-Tel reseller, has just been named as Mitel’s SME reseller of the year.

The other main reason we have been so successful and head the sub 100 extension market, 34% of all IP extensions sold here are from Mitel, is the stability of our management team. Consistent and well thought out strategies implemented over a period by the same management team provides confidence to the channel.”

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