Sales Lessons from Nimans and Jabra

It was back to school for sales staff at Nimans and Rocom who earned top marks during Jabra headset focus days.

Nimans’ and Rocom’s Jabra Headset Specialist, Malcolm Swords arrived for work dressed as a headmaster whilst Eamon O’Doherty and Colin Robertson from GN Netcom were schoolboys.

Events were held separately at Manchester and Wetherby and followed on from Nimans’ and Rocom’s recent crowning as the best UK Jabra distributor of 2009 by headset manufacturer GN Netcom.

Malcolm confirmed: “The events were a great way to raise sales and have a bit of fun. It’s a long time since I was at school but it was good to reminisce and be in charge as a headmaster. Computer consoles were presented to high performing sales staff who finished top of the class.”

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