salestar launches new revenue share

salestar connect is celebrating its third year anniversary of its specialist B2B software solution by rolling out a workflow management system to handle the complex revenue share model.

salestar connect’s chief solutions officer, Deen Ossman, said the business felt that generic software would never meet the many demands that B2B dealers put on their operating system and that only a specialist system designed solely for B2B operation would be able to meet all their requirements.

He added: “I am delighted to announce that demand for our products has exceeded expectation and many preeminent clients have expressed their great satisfaction with our software. Our commitment to quality is reflected in the fact that we enhance our software every quarter, ensuing that we are one step ahead of the game at all times.”

In line with this salestar has developed a unique workflow management system incorporating the new revenue share schemes introduced by O2, Orange and T-mobile. “Users don’t have to waste lots of time and pay staff working out the intricacies of the new schemes to find out what commissions have been paid, what is outstanding and resolve any discrepancies as our software solution deals with that,” noted Ossman.

Among the clients salestar has gained are Elite, Moco, Fonehouse, Phonebox and DWD Mobiles.

Simon Lacey, MD at DWD Mobiles, said: “In these tough economic times, businesses are looking at costs in all areas. It is imperative for us to be able to reduce overheads without compromising the quality of the service we offer, and salestar connect has enabled us do this by automating the processes that would have normally taken us many man hours; these can be re-invested in marketing and customer care.”

Mid sized businesses also benefited greatly from salestar connect, according to Phonebox MD Nigel Harrison. “This new software has added a new dimension to our business. We have recently acquired another business and salestar’s unique workflow management system has enabled us to greatly reduce the paperwork involved and drastically improve efficiency in a number of areas. For example seamless sales order processing and fulfillment of multi connection hand set deals, have enabled us to enjoy significant time savings while greatly reducing administrative work.’’

Phil Long, IT and systems manager at distributor, MoCo Communications, summarised the overall viewpoint: “Coming from a dealer background, I can confirm that all B2B or B2C mobile phone dealers big or small that wants to maintain a business edge need’s a specialists software solution like salestar. The key to success in the current economic climate is to keep track of your profit and cash flow, and with salestar solutions providing controls over the sales ledger, network commission payments, IMEIs, kit funds, cash backs, and renewals, it makes good business sense to opt for this software solution.”

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