Samba Mobile & yuilop partner to offer free mobile broadband, voice, chat and texts

Samba Mobile and yuilop today announced a strategic partnership that will enable both companies to offer their customers 100% free mobile broadband, voice, chat and texts in the UK.

Samba Mobile has already signed-up ten thousand customers since its launch in July 2012. Samba offers free mobile broadband based on a simple value exchange model, where users watch high-quality video advertisements or refer friends to the service to earn free credit/data on the Three network.

Barcelona based yuilop offers a free app for iOS & Android (with more smartphone platforms to launch soon). yuilop offers users free voice calls, free text messages and unlimited multimedia chat – worldwide. The internationally operated Over-the-Top (OTT) service, which started international roll-out in March 2012, is fast-growing and one of the leading mobile social communications apps.

The partnership recognises the huge synergies between Samba and yuilop and will enable both companies to cross promote across each others’ platforms, to a customer base already habituated with the ad-based value exchange model.

In the coming months, Samba & yuilop aim to align their services more closely, enabling users to easily interact with promotions and adverts across either platform, providing even higher levels of engagement for advertisers.

Ben Atherton, co-founder and CEO, Samba Mobile, said “Samba is built on the principle of value exchange, where our customers love to be in control of what content they access and when, which is why we’ve already signed-up 10,000 subscribers since launch and are going strong.

“The yuilop service has a number of synergies with Samba. In creating a strategic partnership, I believe that both businesses can benefit from offering even greater value to both users and advertisers.”

Jochen Doppelhammer, founder and CEO of yuilop, added “yuilop was started on the belief that free global communication should be a basic right for everyone. There should be no barriers to free communications and our partnership with like-minded Samba Mobile underscores that principle. yuilop plus Samba Mobile takes the game to another level – appsolutely free!”

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