Samsung Joins Forces with Nimans and Rocom to Promote PBX Security

Resellers can take advantage of free PBX firewall software worth £450 (RRP) when they buy Samsung systems from Nimans and Rocom, for a limited time only.

Control Phreak is a tried and trusted solution that complements the phone system’s security features to stop telephone hackers (or Phreakers as they are known) from making expensive international calls. Unsuspecting companies or individuals face massive bills currently running at up to $60 billion per year according to The Communication Fraud Control Association (

Distributed exclusively in the UK by Nimans and Rocom, Control Phreak is now being bundled free with all Samsung OfficeServ 7000 systems – along with the OfficeServ TAPI licence worth £1,000 (RRP).

Samsung Business Manager at Nimans and Rocom, Jonathan Beatson, says phone systems can be susceptible to attack, but by adding the extra security of Control Phreak, the only software-based product of its kind on the market, customers are protecting themselves against additional risks.

“Anyone can become a victim and there’s no prior warning you’ve been hit,” he explained. “Phreaking is now so big it’s being masterminded by organised crime and even terrorist groups to raise illicit funds – running at twice the rate of credit card fraud in the UK. A phone system is a vital business asset but it’s also one of the most vulnerable.

“Resellers buying Samsung systems from us can now provide their customers with the ultimate peace of mind and protection that Control Phreak provides. It’s a great selling point.”

Samsung UK’s Product Manager, Wilfred Wood, added: “Phone hackers can breach unsecured systems in milliseconds to make illegal calls which can cost businesses thousands of pounds in bills. Control Phreak provides total around-the-clock protection, detecting and killing any illegal activity, automatically for PBX platforms. This technology constantly watches activity on the phone system looking for anything that is directly not allowed in the customer controlled rules table and also any patterns of known activity by hackers, it then takes direct action to block the activity.”

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