Samsung OfficeServ Still in Demand?

Samsung’s new SCM series of pure IP-based platforms may represent a dynamic future but there’s still plenty of healthy demand for the company’s OfficeServ comms solutions.

That was the feeling at distributor Nimans where a five-day engineering training course saw resellers travel from across northern England to brush up on existing skills and learn new installation techniques.

The learning programme focused on the OS7000 range and highlighted how to configure and programme the scalable solution as well as tackle basic troubleshooting.

“I’ve just started my own company as a one-man-band and I found this course very beneficial with good instruction and good content,” said a Liverpool-based reseller afterwards.

“For me it was a valuable refresher course as I’ve been dealing with Samsung for about 15 years. For the past three years I’ve been working with another system but I want to pick-up with Samsung again because I know it. This knowledge boost is just what I needed to build up my new business. Turning to the future the SCM is the way forward and I’m looking forward to discovering more in the months ahead about the pure-IP delivery. For now OfficeServ is my main objective.”

His positive comments were endorsed by a Bolton-based counterpart: “For me it’s about updating knowledge and transferring that out in the field. OfficeServ ticks so many boxes and it pretty much caters for everything right now. I’ve heard about SCM and whilst OfficeServ is the present, SCM is where the market is undoubtedly heading.”

Resellers completed a 60 minute test at the end of the course and they all passed with flying colours.

Nimans is also stocking the Samsung Communication Manager (SCM) series of all-in-one comms solutions with an extensive training programme about to be rolled out.

“This training course was a popular as ever and demonstrates how OfficeServ remains a critical tool for resellers up and down the country. Here at Nimans we are ideally placed to address the needs of customers both today and in the future with SCM and OfficeServ working harmoniously together,” said John McKindland Head of Solutions, System Sales at Nimans.

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine