Samsung releases travel apps to make summer stress free

Samsung Apps has released a series of apps designed to improve end users’ summer holidays.

Is there a mosquito problem you didn’t account for at your countryside resort? No problem, try Vanilla Breeze’s Anti-Mosquito app, which emits an insect-repelling sonic frequency. Need a last-minute car rental? Touch one button and you can have a reservation at the nearest station with the Sixt app. Don’t know what that interesting piece of sushi is in front of you? Instantly look it up with Shogakukan Inc.’s Sushi Catalogue. Want to enjoy music on the beach and sing along your to favourite tunes? TuneWiki is with you!

“While it’s meant to be a fun, relaxing way to spend time, sometimes travelling can be stressful. That’s why we’re singling out our travel-related apps for the summer season,” said Kanghyun Kwon, vice president, media solutions centre, Samsung Electronics. “Samsung Apps has grown tremendously since its inception, and now we’re at a point where we can offer virtually any app for any travel situation.”

Anti-Mosquito Company, Vanilla Breeze has come up with the Sonic Insect Repeller to turn your device into an insect deflector that is effective, chemical-free and safe to use around children and pets.

Sixt Company has created Sixt rent-a-car, an app that makes car hire even easier; choose your car on your mobile device and receive your reservation confirmation via SMS, email or screenshot. In just one touch users will receive a list of all local Sixt stations, regardless of where they are in the World.

The Shogakukan app is a unique guidebook about the world of Japanese Sushi. About 80 kinds of Sushi Neta (ingredients), widely from major tuna to minor clams, are illustrated and explained on this application. So through this application, you can get deep knowledge about real Japanese Sushi. If you are interested in Japanese food culture, this is the app for you.

WeatherBug is a free, ad-supported weather app from the source for truly live, local weather, providing users access to the largest network of professional weather stations in the US and thousands of locations around the world.

Coolgorilla Phrasebook is packed with more than 500 professionally translated words and phrases, essential when you are travelling abroad. Each phrasebook provides both text and audio translations recorded by a native voice-over artist to help you get to grips with the lingo and sounding like a local in no time.

TuneWiki with Lyrics and TuneWiki for Bada is a social media player that shows radio subtitled lyrics as you listen to your music, watch music videos, or stream songs through our SHOUTcast radio feature. Translated into 45-plus languages, search for lyrics to over three million songs.

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