Samsung Revamps CMS For Call Centres

Samsung Business Communications’ new and enhanced CMS application provides real-time and historic call analysis and includes a number of additional functions aimed specifically at call centres. Improved features like a stand-alone wallboard and new alarm module and agent view function enhance and complement the informal call centre and build on the product’s already strong reputation.

Fully integrated with the Samsung range of systems such as OfficeServ, CMS is highly scalable, from small businesses on the OfficeServ 12 platform, right up to the large multi-site enterprise. A full new range of supporting material for resellers is available at, including a CMS sales guide, personal productivity sales guide, technical bulletin and updated product configurator.

Improvements in this latest version of CMS include Samsung’s “ease of deployment” concept for Multi-site roll-out. With its easy installation wizard, growing companies can install and link up CMS at other sites quickly and easily.

Unlike other standard products, Samsung CMS is not a passive reporting tool. The Samsung CMS takes an active role: as well as showing in real time and in a very visual graphical format what is happening on the system, important information can be emailed to any destination on any customer-set alarm threshold that is exceeded.

The new alarm module allows supervisors to configure the system to alert them, by SMS, email or even flashing light, whenever a call breaches a certain threshold of their choice – for example calls lost or calls above a certain duration.

The wallboard offers a host of new benefits by displaying key statistics such as successful calls and team performance figures on a large screen on the wall. The agent view function allows managers to view, on a single screen, a real-time display of each phone operator’s performance. The system can also be tailored to include as advanced a set of statistics as required, including number and duration of calls, operator availability, teams versus other teams and reports from other sites.

Samsung CMS delivers a range of software-based applications that create real business benefits including greater staff efficiency, reduction of costs, more effective customer service and maximised return on existing and future IT investment.

There are four distinct software packages allowing any company to select the most appropriate and cost-effective solution to meet their requirements. These range from CMS Professional Multi-site down to CMS Lite – an entry-level application for single sites. With modular add-on features, however, customers can upgrade their system whichever level they have started from.

Commenting, product manager Wilfred Wood said, “We have listened to our customers and have built in additional features that call centres were requesting. We have also structured the pricing so that users only pay for the functions they want to use. Even if they run multiple sites with large numbers of operators, but do not require full detailed monitoring and reporting, they pay according to functions, not just size. CMS was already a competitive package but with its new version we think we’re on to a winner.”

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