Samsung to show off 330Mbps mobile WiMax in Japan

Samsung Electronics is set to reveal its progress in shaping the future of mobile WiMax at CEATEC JAPAN 2010, in Tokyo. With Samsung’s developed WiMax 2 trial system, UQ Communications will demonstrate WiMax 2 based on IEEE 802.16m with a speed of 330Mbps.

UQ Communications and Samsung are showing full HD 3D videos and 16 full HD videos on 4 large format display TVs at the same time, using WiMax 2 trial systems and devices. To do this, Samsung’s commercial Mobile WiMax base station is to be used, which is currently deployed and operated by major mobile WiMax operators around the world.

Akio Nozaka, president of UQ Communications, said: “It is expected that the demands for wireless broadband will exponentially grow. In this regard, the recognition of real worth of mobile WiMax, a true 4G technology, will increase not only in Japan but also around the world. Though this demonstration at CEATEC, we aim to show the excellences of new world by mobile WiMax, in cooperation with Samsung,” he added.

WiMax 2 based on IEEE 802.16m standard enables more efficient, faster, and more converged data communications. It provides strong integration compatibility with deployed mobile WiMax solutions and also allows current mobile WiMax operators to migrate their solutions to WiMax 2 by upgrading channel cards or their system software. In addition, the subscribers who currently use mobile WiMax devices can communicate with new WiMax 2 systems without difficulty.

WiMax 2 standards are expected to be finalized by November 2010. Samsung plans to introduce the first commercial solutions of WiMax 2 in the end of 2011.

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