Satellite broadband is satisfying consumer need for speed

Pan European satellite broadband provider, ToowayDirect, part of Satellite Solutions Worldwide, Europe’s premier supplier of Satellite Broadband Communications, today announces a major upgrade and extension of its satellite broadband services. Its will now be able to deliver consumer speeds of 18 Mbps download, 6 Mbps upload, up from 10 Mbps and 4 Mbps respectively.

Satellite broadband has previously been wrongly classified as the poor, or at least slow, in relation to its wired cousin. However, since the launch of a new Ka satellite last year, satellite based internet connections have grown by 9%, according to Point Topic. Today’s faster speeds, which are accompanied by more generous data allowances, and all no change in price, mean this trend is surely set to continue.

Currently, 300,000 homes and businesses in the UK can’t get broadband over wires. In addition to this, a third of UK homes unable to get more than 5 Mbps and 50% of us unable to get more than 6.7 Mbps. Today’s new services are available everywhere across Europe now; with options for self-installation that means customers can be online within a few days. Satellite services are also converging with voice and TV so that users can get their Freeview and voice calls through one service, in this case via a small dish, with one bill.

ToowayDirect Managing Director Andrew Walwyn said “Whilst satellite broadband is unquestionably the answer for many people stuck in not spots and now boasts many tens of thousands of satisfied users, we haven’t been resting on our laurels. Customer’s expectations are naturally increasing over time; with video and streaming TV programs becoming increasingly popular, and with more and more homes having several broadband enabled devices, our customers want more performance.

“The new Tooway services raise the bar to a level where traditional wired services look embarrassingly slow, even in many major towns and cities. These new service levels mean even larger families with several PC’s and smart-phone users can share the services with total confidence in getting a good user experience.

“We feel that this will redraw the broadband map of Europe, as the new services mean tens of thousands of properties (that wouldn’t have been able to otherwise) can now access the next wave of broadband functionality.”

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