Satellite Provider Europasat Growth Accelerates

Satellite broadband has enjoyed increased popularity over recent years due to technological enhancements, increased consumer awareness from government backed schemes and consumer desire to always stay connected. Subsequently, Europsat now has a base of over 20,000 businesses, broadcasters and consumers.

Onwave, SkyFi & Sat2way become part of Europasat

As part of the this recent growth, Onwave (Ireland), SkyFi (Denmark) and Sat2Way (France) have all joined Europasat bolstering their position throughout these regions.

Continued growth in these regions is expected as governments, as in France, subsidise satellite technology for nearly one million homes who suffer from slow or non-existent broadband.

The partnership with Gigaclear enables Europasat to help those while they wait for the Gigaclear installation and those looking for confirmation that an installation is in fact feasible.

CEO Andrew Walwyn said “It is exciting to be working closely with Gigaclear. Any project that enables us to reach more people effected by the ‘digital divide’ and to give them better options has got to be great news for consumers. Our partnership is all about identifying those who lack a super-fast broadband solution and getting them connected quickly and cost effectively.”

“This is an exciting time for the company as we continue to grow and we’d like to welcome these customer on-board as they join Europasat.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine