Scale Computing Enables Cloud Migrations with HC3 Cloud Unity

Scale Computing is working with Google to develop a hybrid cloud solution that makes it easy for organisations, including channel partners and MSPS, to move application workloads freely in the cloud or on-premises.

The new offering, called HC3 Cloud Unity allows an organisation’s apps to use resources in the cloud and on-prem at the same time, and enables apps solely created for on-prem to now run on Google Cloud Platform.

HC3 Cloud Unity combines the private cloud capabilities of Scale’s HC3 hyperconverged platform, SCRIBE software-defined-storage, and new SD-WAN capabilities with Google Compute Engine, the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offering for Google Cloud Platform. HC3 also leverages Google’s recently released nested virtualisation support.

With HC3 running both on-premises and in Google Cloud Platform, Cloud Unity creates a virtual LAN that seamlessly bridges an on-prem local LAN with the private virtual network on GCP. This allows IT organisations to connect to the cloud in real time from their on-premises infrastructure that combines storage, compute, and virtualisation in a single solution.

“One of the biggest barriers to cloud adoption for IT organisations is the inability to move applications to and from the cloud,” said Jeff Ready, CEO and co-founder of Scale Computing. “With HC3 Cloud Unity, Google and Scale have laid a massive two-way speedway across the HC3 clusters on-premises and HC3 on Google Cloud Platform. This network means organisations no longer have to use or create different apps for the cloud, they can utilise their apps created for on-prem to run in the Google Cloud, which will be a game changer of end users, channel partners and MSPs globally.”

“Companies still have a lot of legacy applications built with a different set of tools,” said Adam Massey, Director, Strategic Technology Partners, Google Cloud. “The challenge is finding ways to work in a hybrid environment as you migrate and figure out what to retool and what to just pick up and move. Our work with Scale Computing is making this process easier for companies that haven’t been able to leverage the cloud to its full potential.”

“IT agility is what helps our company retain a competitive edge in our industry. One of the biggest hurdles we had yet to overcome was the ability to fully embrace the costs and flexibility of the cloud,” said Mike O’Neil at HydraDyne. “A solution that helps us move legacy applications and virtual machines back and forth from the cloud when we need it is a complete game changer.”

Cloud Unity is available in Q4 2017.

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine