ScanSource Communications Europe stocks up on Avaya Data products

ScanSource Communications Europe has announced it has added the Avaya Data product range to its warehouse and is now taking orders from resellers in the UK. The move comes about following Avaya’s acquisition of Nortel Enterprise Solutions earlier this year. ScanSource, having an existing distribution agreement in place with Avaya, will distribute all products that once were part of the Nortel range.

Avaya completed the acquisition of the of voice and data solutions supplier in January 2010 and rebranded its data products under the name Avaya Data. ScanSource, keen to place increasing focus on the convergence space, has taken the opportunity brought about by the acquisition to provide its customers with an enhanced range of data and voice products.

The addition of Avaya Data products means that ScanSource Communications Europe can now serve the entire Enterprise market in the UK as it has been doing for several months in Germany. The value added distributor has shown a strong commitment to providing growth opportunities to its reseller partners and the ability to provide all Nortel legacy products will further support that aim.

“This is great news for our customers,” said Xavier Cartiaux, President, ScanSource Europe. “Adding Avaya Data to our portfolio means that our voice resellers can increase their own product offering. And for those already selling data solutions, they can now source them from one single place. We’ve been able to simplify and diversify the distribution channel options at the same time and take one more step in helping resellers to take their business to the next level.”

Avaya also welcomed the news that the distributor has taken this step. “We have a good history with ScanSource in the US and Europe and the company has made a positive impact in the voice and data markets,” said Barry Tuffs, Sales Leader, Avaya. “We are happy to see ScanSource add Avaya Data to their offer as it strengthens our own position in the channel and ensures greater visibility of our products.”

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