ScanSource Delivers First UK Avaya UC Module Technical Application Workshops

ScanSource Communications Europe in June and July held two technical applications workshops based around Avaya’s new Unified Communications (UC) Module for IP Office. The hands-on workshops were the first to be delivered in the UK and gave attending resellers the opportunity to understand how the UC Module and Linux will position IP Office solutions for the future.

The new UC Module from Avaya is designed to remove the need for external servers, reducing cost of implementation, deployment time and maintenance levels. It is a solid-state Linux-based module, though not tied to Linux updates and licensing, and uses the One Touch solution, reducing installation time to 30 minutes, and therefore minimising disruptions to resellers’ customers during the process. Finally, its support for User Productivity applications means resellers are also able to sell applications with the module.

The training courses were targeted at technicians with the responsibility for installing, maintaining and supporting IP Office solutions, as well as pre-sales specialists with IP Office technical knowledge. The topics covered included the installation and set-up of the UC Module and Linux server, the configuration of IP Office applications, such as VoiceMail Pro and One-X Portal, and an introduction to the future of Linux in an IP Office context.

“The value of these workshops was evident in the fact that they were fully booked in just a few hours following the announcement,” said Iain Murdoch, Training Development Manager, Communications Europe, ScanSource. “The small class sizes, eight technicians on each workshop, meant participants were able to learn in a highly structured way and could focus on the specific needs of their companies. Our Pre-Sales and Technical Support teams also followed the course since ScanSource employees are expected to regularly attend training courses in order to continually provide the levels of support required by the channel.”

Participating resellers’ feedback was extremely positive, highlighting the expertise shared and the hands-on nature of the course.

“Prior to attending the course, although I had read the Avaya Release Notes, we were a little intimidated by Linux,” said Ian Styles, Engineering Manager at Lister Communications. “The course has demonstrated how easy the UC Module server is to set up, and I can see these being more widely used now.”

While Alen Roberts, Managing Director, Voice Engineer Dot Com Ltd, said, “Well laid out, easy to follow course objectives and content and the instructor’s knowledge was excellent – I highly commend this course. Plus, the instructor took the time to explain detailed answers to any questions.”

“I’ve followed training courses elsewhere and what I particularly liked about this course was the amount of hands-on work we did,” said Adam Willett of Sears Communications.

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