ScanSource Helps Resellers Move into Enterprise Space

Last month saw ScanSource Communications Europe working hard with the support of Avaya to assist UK reseller partners to grow from serving the SME space to providing additional solutions to larger Enterprise end-users.

The value-added distributor’s four-day Avaya Professional Design Specialist qualification course, which followed on from an earlier course on sales aspects, ensured that reseller partners are qualified to sell Avaya products in the Call Centre and Unified Communications specialisations and are informed of the opportunities for resellers serving the IP Office space to grow their business in the ACM market.

By the end of the course, all reseller attendees had passed their exams and two of these companies have already processed deals with the support and help of ScanSource’s BDM and pre-sales team.

“I would like to thank all at ScanSource for the resources and the professional assistance provided which has enabled us to gain the APDS UC & CC exam passes Comtec required in order to achieve Avaya Aura sales certification,” said Courtenay Mills, Avaya Product Manager, Comtec Enterprises. “The ScanSource course was concise, extremely well delivered and easy to understand even for those of us with only IP Office experience. We would like to thank all involved as we have already closed our first significant Avaya Aura opportunity.”

Paul Blundell of Iqual commented: “We have been working with ScanSource for over six years, mainly on the Avaya IP Office platform. Over the last year it became increasingly apparent that we needed to identify a platform that could go beyond the natural sweet spot of the Avaya IP Office. The obvious choice was the Avaya Aura/ACM solution due to our existing product knowledge.”

“For good reason, Avaya set the bar high for their resellers to be able to offer this product. ScanSource has been instrumental in guiding our organisation through the various stages of accreditation and had assisted us in closing our first major design win, a call centre project for a top high street retailer.”

“It is quite apparent to us that ScanSource has benefited from the additional resources gained from their US parent in the Avaya space. Their pre-sales technical support helps validate the designs and assists in adding value during the sales cycle.”

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