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SDWAN Solutions launches world’s first with SDWAN Cloud

SDWAN Solutions has launched the world’s first SDWAN Cloud, allowing a single site on an SD-WAN (Software Defined Wide Area network) real time access to every IaaS and SaaS instance and to over 250 data centres, globally – a real breakthrough for multi-cloud customer environments.

SDWAN Solutions are now inviting similarly minded, forward looking businesses across all sectors, to take up their offer of free proof of concept and welcome them to rigorously test their unique SDWAN Cloud.

Anthony Senter, MD explains. “With around 88% of UK businesses using cloud-based applications from many sources, we’ve developed SDWAN Cloud to allow them to connect and disconnect their SD-WAN network to any cloud application in the world, in under 60 seconds and with no minimum contractual commitment – giving businesses total control, from a single portal. Businesses operating different SD-WAN networks can now for the first time ever link up separate SD-WAN networks, regardless of the underlying provider.

“Furthermore, businesses can use the SDWAN Cloud as part of their SD-WAN solution to send data between over 250 international data centres on a PAYU model, without paying for a dedicated international connection. SDWAN Cloud is the next logical step in facilitating multi-cloud environments, and just like an SD-WAN solution, can be controlled from a single location”

The company say their phase 1 product/service will bring their customers:

•A world first that allows SDWAN Solutions customers to self-provision virtual connections to almost every IAAS and SAAS provider instance
•Connection to over 250 data centres internationally
•Consumption based billing model – monthly commit or PAYU model
•Spin up or spin down connections in under 60 seconds
•Facilitate communication between different SD-WAN vendor solutions making multi-SD-WAN networks a reality
•Self-provision virtual X-connects from a central portal
•No need to install and manage multiple instances of SD-WAN in each IaaS and SaaS environment

Toby Sturridge, Chief Technical Officer, comments, “Our phase 1 launch is all about extensive testing and to ensure we cover every eventuality. So, we’re looking for live customers to be part of this exciting project. If you have a multi-cloud strategy and are investigating SD-WAN as a future network topology, or if you currently have international circuits and are looking to reduce costs, or even if you need to join different SD-WAN networks together, we would love to include you in an innovative and no charge Proof of concept trial, to fully demonstrate the advantages of the new SDWAN Cloud.”

Anthony Senter, continues. “As trusted experts in all things SD-WAN we are delighted to bring this concept to market, and we’re proud to be launching in London as it’s a UK invention.”

“Our SDWAN Cloud not only gives the customer full control over their cloud connections, their SD-WAN estate is also reduced and customers can switch between different cloud providers in under a minute, in times of outage or degraded performance from a cloud provider. Plus, for the first time ever, companies can successfully run SD-WAN from different suppliers together in one network, very useful in times of mergers and acquisitions or where different regions use different SD-WAN solutions.”

Phase 2 will go on general release to the public immediately after Phase 1 testing with live customers has been completed and will include easy connection to security and perimeter-as-a-service products.

Anthony Senter recently appeared on an episode of Comms Business Live where he spoke about the SD-WAN market with Tony Randall from Westcon, Adrian Tate of Talari and Editor of Comms Business David Dungay. Check out that episode below.

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