Sell the Hole, not the Drill Bit says Pitt

Richard Pitt, Sales Director, Arc Solutions says, “To create a compelling pitch you need to sell the hole, not the drill-bit. The end-result, not the product or service. When it comes to a communications system this is particularly pertinent due to the impact that such an investment can have on anyone that experiences its functionality, or lack thereof. How the main stakeholders of any business; ‘customers’, ’employees’ and ‘management’, use the communications system is of critical importance.

Tracking call traffic can help measure who uses what, when and how, identifying areas where cost, resource and productivity improvements are needed and putting control back into the hands of the communications manager.

Quantifying the results of an effective call management system will help soften the sales cycle and make the customer more aware of the benefits from measuring, allocating and controlling calls across the business.”

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