Sennheiser Communications Launches its All New DECT Headset

Sennheiser Communications has launched its DW Office saying it is a state-of-the-art DECT wireless addition to their existing portfolio of “Comfort calls” wired and Bluetooth headsets.

The company adds, “As you would expect from one of the leading providers of quality, highly ergonomic headsets, listening carefully to what the market has to say about successful communication in the office environment is key. Aimed at professionals who need a flexible yet fail-safe wireless solution that is supremely comfortable to wear and intuitive to use, DW Office boasts an enviable range of attractive and innovative features which allow users to perform at their best.”

Head of Sales & Marketing Guido Karbautzki says: “DW Office synthesizes the best elements of design, functionality and flexibility in one attractive wireless ‘Comfort calls’ solution. Based on proven DECT communication technology, this ultra-comfortable and lightweight headset with its stylish and advanced base station is the perfect companion to a desk phone and soft phone in any office environment.

When we asked busy office professionals for their thoughts on a DECT headset they told us that they wanted: To be able to move freely about without any wires to hold them back, simplicity of use, quick and intuitive pairing for conference calls and desk sharing, high-end sound quality, comfortable wearing style, functional design, full workday talk time, and fast charging. Naturally, we listened carefully to the market and have incorporated all these elements, and much more, in the DW Office. Last but not least, we’ve made DW Office easy to install with little time required to figure out how to operate all its many functions. In short: You can start making “Comfort calls” immediately.”

Sennheiser Communications believes passionately that comfort and good ergonomic design are keystones to the production of a world class headset.

“We’ve designed DW Office so you can choose between ear hook and headband wearing style with the option to personalize the headset for wearing on either the left or right ear—leaving you free to move around the office while you communicate in comfort throughout the day.

Simplicity of design is something many users have been asking for in a DECT solution. Sennheiser Communications answer is a headset that fits as comfortably and seamlessly onto your ear as your ear does to your head.

Wearing style—either headband or ear hook—on either ear was another priority. As a vital part of the total solution we also designed the DW Office base station as a cube, which doesn’t take up a lot of space on your desk. The base station is both stylishly designed and easy to handle, with the front displaying information including call channel and charging status of the headset as it charges automatically in the magnetic cradle.”

“Yes, you heard us right. We have poured everything we know into making sure that DW Office fulfils all your wireless office communication needs, providing you with a great investment, both today and in the future. That’s why we’ve built in the very latest telecoms technology into our DECT solution. DW Office supports both traditional narrowband as well as wide-band, switching seamlessly between the two. Using intelligent speaker technology as well as a microphone designed to meet the wideband TIA 920 standard, DW Office is specifically designed to improve overall call quality when connected to a wideband supported communications line. Now that’s what we call a sound investment!

At Sennheiser Communications we’re passionate about sound. Your comfort and safety mean the world to us. That’s why all our office headsets are equipped with our innovative ActiveGard technology to safeguard you against hazardous incoming noises that can be dangerous to hearing. We don’t want to have to scream “Comfort calls” at the top of our voices to get the benefits of DW Office across, but at least you know that with ActiveGard you’d be protected if we did.”

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