Sennheiser Takes Aim at Security Conscious

Sennheiser has embarked on an initiative to offer premium noise cancellation headsets for markets requiring high levels of customer data confidentiality.

Targeting vertical markets requiring secure solutions, such as healthcare, government, financial and legal sectors, allows Sennheiser’s focus on premium audio quality and effective noise cancellation to benefit situations where sensitive details must be communicated efficiently.

“The ability to efficiently handle sensitive patient or customer data in these sectors is paramount, so the ability of the hardware to make this possible is equally important” said Jane Craven, Sales Director IT/Telecommunications, UK & Ireland. “If an agent can’t understand responses and these have to be repeated or read back for confirmation, this can significantly increase the risk of a leak of sensitive information in a public setting.”

Regulatory initiatives such as the Data Protection Act in the healthcare market, PCI compliance standards in retail, and obvious security concerns in sectors such as government and finance have forced many businesses to adopt strict compliance measures. In several of these instances, companies are subject to fines if patient data and/or customer credit card information is not protected according to a stringent set of criteria. These businesses can ill afford to allow customer information to be overheard as background conversation during a service call—often a consequence of a low-end headset in an open contact centre environment.

“By ensuring that our headsets deliver the very latest in noise cancellation, voice clarity and transmission quality, these companies can ensure their operators are best prepared to deal with customer information and keep sensitive data private and secure” Jane continued. “It’s important that the benefits of high-performance headsets are recognised to ensure that relevant security compliances can be adhered to.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine