Serial Channel Entrepreneurs Evolve into VADition

We are entering a new technology era that will have a significant impact on the traditional ways in which resellers, VARs and integrators engage with customers to sell, service and support IT infrastructures. This is the view of newly launched VADition, a virtual vendor, specialising in technologies that fulfil the demand for ‘network evolution’ as opposed to the continual wave of ‘rip & replace’ technologies that have led to highly complex, over engineered, resource intensive networks that are costly to deploy, manage and maintain.

Founded by serial channel entrepreneurs Neil Ledger and Ian Morris, the partnership behind Data Connectivity (networking distributor sold to Datrontech Group Plc for £7m in 1998) and equIP Technology (security distributor sold to Matrix Group Plc for £11m in 2005), VADition is to target emerging technology vendors looking to build out channels into the UK market, offering a hybrid model for manufacturer representation with options for traditional supply and localised support.

VADition is actively recruiting resellers, VARs and integrators that have recognised the maturing IT landscape and are looking to offer their customers the next wave of technologies that will extend the lifecycle of their IT infrastructures. Vertical product specialisation is becoming too limited for channels and end users alike, with both needing a wider and more horizontal product set, more traditionally represented by the integrator which delivers end to end IT infrastructure.

“Historically we’ve seen advances in technology that have dictated fork lift upgrades to the IT infrastructure”, stated Ledger, VADition’s Co-Founder. “However, we’re seeing this diminish significantly now that we’re reaching a level of IT maturity in the market. We see the concept of network evolution as the next growth opportunity for the channel. We’ve reached a point where there is no longer a need for constant replacement and upgrade. We’re now at a stage where infrastructures can be evolved through supplementary and complementary technologies to meet the business needs of today and tomorrow.”

“It’s quite bemusing that in a recession businesses look to sweat their assets but when the market is buoyant they tend to forget their frugal ways”, explained Morris, Co-Founder of VADition. “What’s wrong with getting more out of what you’ve got, irrespective of the economic environment? We’ve all been guilty of selling technology for technology’s sake, but customers are starting to look at IT for what it is; an enabler of the business, its people and processes to deliver economic success. Now, more than ever, the channel needs to offer customers technologies that will allow them to evolve their IT infrastructure as they grow to meet their business objectives.”

VADition believes the UK enterprise market is currently in the midst of an IT evolution cycle, whereby the demand is more about doing the same, but better, with a lower cost of ownership. Traditionally IT infrastructures had a lifecycle of between 3-5 years, but this is now typically being extended by a savvy understanding of utilisation and business demands. This represents a significant opportunity for the channel to embrace the concept of network evolution and develop longstanding, rewarding and economically viable business relationships with customers.

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