Service Providers Introduce Branded Online Marketplace

BroadSoft, the global provider of software that enables mobile, fixed-line and cable service providers to deliver real-time communications over their IP networks, today announced that EvolveIP, Telovations and Simple Signal have introduced branded online marketplaces powered by BroadSoft Xtended, enabling their enterprise and consumer customers to immediately browse and purchase new voice enabled communications applications online.

With 17.7 billion worldwide mobile applications projected to be downloaded in 2011 according to Gartner, Inc., and the growth of tablet and smartphone usage, we believe telecommunications service providers can augment their revenue streams by capitalizing on the growing trend of online, ecommerce marketplaces.

“Our strategic focus for BroadSoft Xtended is to enable our global service provider customers to leverage a cost effective R&D source to rapidly introduce and distribute third-party applications that integrate with other business process and consumer services,” said Leslie Ferry, vice president marketing, BroadSoft. “We believe EvolveIP, Telovations and SimpleSignal are thought leaders in our industry and these rich desktop, mobile, and tablet applications will enable them to differentiate their service offerings from competitors.”

EvolveIP, Telovations and Simple Signal each selected a unique set of applications tailored to the needs of their customers. Some of the applications include:

Salesforce Connector – enables enterprise users to search, dial and view incoming callers to accelerate, simplify, and streamline their workflows – directly from their desktop and the hosted CRM system.

Go Integrator – provides out-of-the-box BroadSoft integration with over a dozen small and medium business contact managers and customer relationship management (CRM) packages such as ACT!, GoldMine, Microsoft Access, Lotus Notes, NetSuite, and Sage. Go Integrator enables a user of these CRM services to instantly launch a customer record to capture and update each interaction in real-time.

Virtual Receptionist – acts as a web-based virtual receptionist for small businesses. When callers dial a business, they may hear a promotional message, product information and routing options to guide them to the proper department or individual. The application also offers advanced, real-time analytics on caller behaviour.

“BroadSoft Xtended is an innovative approach to capitalizing on new sales and distribution models that enable us to increase revenue and customer retention by providing productivity-enhancing applications from thousands of app developers”, said Guy Fardone, chief operating officer and general manager, EvolveIP. “As the market has moved from closed, proprietary services to open, integrated capabilities, consumers expect service integration between their business and personal lives.”

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