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Services to the Channel – Reader Vote Opens!

Here at Comms Business we like to involve our readers as much as possible as we value your opinion. With this in mind we have decide to introduce a reader vote into the Comms Business Awards for our ‘Services to the Channel’ category. This is a award which goes to a person which has achieved within, and helped, the Channel throughout their tenure.

Please register to vote. You only have one vote, so please make it count.

This is a Hall of Fame award so previous winners cannot be nominated again. To kick this off in 2017, the Services to the Channel Award was a presented to Bob Falconer of Gamma.

Please cast your vote using the list of Channel Leaders below and we will announce the 5 finalists (those with the most votes) in May so that people attending the Awards on the 21st June will be able to take part in a live vote to decide the winner from the list of 5 finalists on the night.

The shortlist icludes:

Elsa Chen  – Entanet
Chris Pateman –  FCS (retired)
Matthew Riley – Daisy
Tony Cook – Union Street
Richard Tang – Zen
James Emm – Oak Innovation
Terry O’Brien – Daisy
Gerry O’Keeffe – Exertis
Julian Niman Nycomm Group (Deceased)
Tom O’Hagan – Virtual1
Alex Tatham – Westcoast
David Pollock – Chess
Lee Wade – Exponential-e
Eli Katz – ITSPA
Richard Carter – Nycomm Group (Nimans)
Richard Bligh – Gamma
Paul Taylor – Voiceflex
Charles Bligh – TalkTalk
David Dadds – Vanilla IP
Nick Galea – 3CX
Keith Curran –
Andrew Gilbert – Node4
Clifford Norton – Channel Telecom

Please vote for the individual who, you believe, has had real impact on the Channel over their lifetime. Editor of Comms Business, David Dungay, has nominated candidates who he believes have displayed certain qualities over their Channel journey. These include; innovation, entrepreneurialism, forward thinking, pioneering, financial success and longevity within the Channel market.


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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine