Sharedband launches ‘Mobile Failover’

Sharedband has announced the launch of ‘Mobile Failover,’ a new product which will automatically fail over to 3G or 4G networks in the event of a broadband fault. Not only does Sharedband’s Mobile Failover enable a device to automatically handover from broadband to mobile network, but it also makes it possible for a device to retain a static IP address, ensuring a minimum of disruption for users.

Sharedband’s Mobile Failover product is network agnostic and can work with any of the UK’s Mobile Networks. Although many mobile devices will already divert automatically to mobile network when a broadband connection is lost this process can often be problematic, requiring a change of IP address that will disrupt services such as email, password protected websites and secure communication like internet banking. With Sharedband’s Mobile Failover users will enjoy a seamless transfer from broadband to mobile connection whilst retaining a static IP address so there is no disruption to their services. Once the primary connection is restored, Sharedband Mobile Failover will automatically stop using the mobile connection.

Designed to utilise 3G and 4G technologies, Mobile Failover has been developed and tested by Sharedband on a major European 4G network. Mobile Failover is currently only available in the UK with 3G hardware, although 4G compatibility will follow once 4G is generally available in the UK.

Commenting on the release of Mobile Failover, Tim Burne, Chief Operations Officer for Sharedband stated, “As businesses and organisations become increasingly dependent on their internet connection to do business, even a slight disruption to that service can greatly impact on efficiency and profitability. Sharedband is committed to providing the most reliable internet services available and Mobile Failover’s seamless switch from broadband to mobile network in the event of a fault, combined with its ability to maintain a static IP for mobile devices, makes it yet another great example of how we are delivering innovative products that maximise business continuity for our customers.”

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