Shazam makes first acquisition

Shazam, the mobile discovery company, has announced its first corporate acquisition with the purchase of synchronised lyric technology from Tunezee, a Silicon Valley-based company. As a part of the announcement, Shazam is immediately launching Shazam LyricPlay, a new feature in the Encore premium App that allows Shazamers to view lyrics synchronized in real time with the music they are listening to, wherever they are.

Andrew Fisher, Shazam’s CEO said: “Shazam leads the marketplace for mobile discovery and we constantly strive to develop even greater consumer experiences. We are committed to make the necessary investments to build or acquire innovative technology in order to enhance these experiences as we continue to innovate and enhance the world’s leading mobile discovery service.”

The new feature automatically synchronises lyrics with a music source. Shazam incorporated it into its core technology, improving its accuracy, and added a layer of animation and visualization to create a fun and engaging way to see the lyrics in real-time with the song. In parallel, Shazam has built a database of lyrics to launch the new feature with a comprehensive and growing library of more than 25,000 of the most popular Shazam’d songs.

Shazam LyricPlay creates a more interactive experience, letting fans go beyond discovering the song title, artist and other great information; now they can also see the lyrics with eye-catching visual themes in synch with the music they have just Shazam’d.

“We believe Shazam LyricPlay is a world’s first and significantly enhances the magical experience Shazamers love,” Fisher concluded.

The feature is available for free within the Shazam Encore and (SHAZAM) RED Apps for iPhone and iPod touch and is available in the US, Canada, UK, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Australia and New Zealand.

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