Shazam Rolls Out New Shazam Friends Feature in Apple iOS and Android Apps

Shazam, the mobile discovery company, today announced a major update to its Shazam App for iPhone, iPod touch and Android which brings with it an exciting new feature called “Shazam Friends”. Shazam Friends is an innovative way for Shazamers to discover and share new music with their friends on Facebook. The new feature provides a real-time feed of songs that friends have tagged, creating a continuously updating list giving every Shazamer a new and powerful dimension for music discovery.

Andrew Fisher, Chief Executive Officer, at Shazam said: “Shazam Friends is a major step forward in social music sharing. We all have friends or family with great taste in music and have discovered an artist or song because of them. Our new feature not only allows Shazamers to see what their friends on Facebook are tagging, but they can also listen to the track and go on to purchase it. Shazam Friends is an exciting new feature for our community of Shazamers, that will make it easier than ever before to learn about new music and share those moments.”

Shazam Friends is easy to set up and, upon updating the App, a new “Friends” tab will appear. Once a Shazamer logs into their Facebook account and confirms they would like to connect and share with friends, they can:
Browse all of their friends’ tags, listen to previews, watch music videos, read reviews, access biographies and get artist tour information
See all recent tags from a particular friend in one list
Add friends’ tags to their Shazam history and playlist
Purchase the track
Where available use streaming services to play the song from their playlist
Post tags to Facebook and Twitter, add comments, and give their friends a chance to listen and comment
Encourage friends to join them in using Shazam Friends

“Over three million songs are Shazam’d each day, and thousands of these are shared individually by people on Facebook every day,” adds Alex Musil, Executive Vice President Product Marketing, at Shazam. “Shazam Friends now makes it effortless for you to see, preview, add to your tag list, and buy a track that your friends have discovered or listened to using Shazam.”

Shazam Friends is available for all users, in both Shazam Free and Encore Apps, on Apple’s iOS devices and Google’s Android devices. Shazamers can manage the sharing of their tags and decide to stop sharing at any time while still being able to see their friends’ tags. For two friends to see each other’s tags, they both have to connect their Facebook accounts to Shazam.

Shazam Friends is immediately available to all users on Apple’s iOS devices. Shazam Friends will launch on (SHAZAM) RED and for Android users in the coming weeks.

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