ShoreTel Announces Further Integrations

ShoreTel, a provider of IP telephony solutions, has announced certification of its Salesforce integration application and its availability on’s AppExchange.

Now customers such as Millennium Partners Sports Management can leverage the award-winning features and functionality of ShoreTel phone systems integrated with’s suite of on-demand customer relationship management applications to improve workflows and increase productivity.

“The integration of ShoreTel and Salesforce gives us the best combination of leading technologies,” said Henry Svenblad, vice president of information technology, Millennium Partners Sports Club Management. “ShoreTel’s one-click dialling makes outbound marketing a snap. In fact, the integration is driving the team’s adoption of Salesforce. We’re seeing increases in call volume and reporting because the sales reps find it easier to log calls, which in turn increases the reporting – the sum of which results in increased productivity.”

ShoreTel’s channel partner Xtelesis agrees the integrated applications are generating important benefits for customers. “The integration of these two widely adopted technologies really helps us provide solutions to make our customers even more productive than with either tool by itself,” said Scott Strochak, president of Xtelesis. “Our sales reps can now offer their existing clients and prospective customers more efficient configurations and productivity solutions that ‘cut the fat’ to give them operational and financial advantages.”

The ShoreTel-Salesforce integration exploits ShoreTel’s open IP telephony platform to help customers embed voice communications into their core business applications. With this integration, Salesforce users can field calls more effectively and dial customers directly from their Web browsers by simply clicking a button. With the customers’ records at their disposal, sales representatives can rapidly identify callers and anticipate their needs. This information can be used to close deals, cross-sell or up-sell as appropriate. Integration of the ShoreTel phone system and’s on-demand business applications also enables sales representatives to handle a higher volume of inbound and outbound calls.

“The incredible simplicity associated with ShoreTel for’s AppExchange benefits everyone,” said Steve Timmerman, vice president of marketing at ShoreTel. “Our customers, our resellers and installers – essentially everyone that touches our IP communications systems – agree that ShoreTel is very easy to install, manage and use. We anticipate that customers will enjoy the same efficiencies.”

“In a year’s time, more than 230 partners have made solutions available on the AppExchange, demonstrating the incredible growth of’s on-demand community,” said Matt Holleran, vice president, AppExchange partners. “With the addition of leading IP PBX provider ShoreTel to the Telephony Integration category on the AppExchange, customers can add sophisticated voice and phone services to their Salesforce SFA and Salesforce Service & Support implementations.”

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