Siemens and Belgravium Team Up

Siemens Financial Services (Siemens), a leading provider of asset-finance solutions in the UK, has announced its partnership with Belgravium Ltd., leading manufacturers of ruggedized mobile data capture devices. Through its Master Lease solution, Siemens and Belgravium will help companies to streamline the process of approving subleases as and when commissioned.

Their partnership will enable potential and existing users of mobile data capture devices to manage their investments more capably and more effectively. The Master Lease covers all individual leasing requirements – operating under a ‘master set’ of terms and conditions agreed by the client, the lease is used to schedule staged instalments. “Thanks to its widespread applicability, the Master Lease is ideal for multiple site installations, or customers who intend to make frequent orders,” says Mark Hardy, Managing Director, Belgravium. “Our partnership with Siemens will allow us to really focus on developing our finance business, offering flexible finance solutions that enable potential customers to purchase better-fit, higher-specification equipment.”

Clients who lease their mobile data capture solution through the new Belgravium and Siemens partnership will be able to realize the significant monetary benefits against the cash-purchase alternatives. Hardware, software, installation, training, and maintenance can all be included in one single finance agreement; helping to consolidate the entire cost of the financed solution, and spreading the cost over the life of the investments.

The Master Lease financial solution also allows smaller leases to be added to the master set of terms and conditions, providing the flexibility for inevitable changes to clients businesses. All additional leases have the ability to run co-terminus, and so are all able to finish on the same date.

Rod Tonna-Barthet, Sales Director, Siemens Financial Services, comments: “Belgravium are a very successful company and are growing at a tremendous pace. The Master Lease solution enables us to provide Belgravium with a ‘boutique’, tailored service that delivers a best-value, results-driven financial solution. I’m delighted that together we are building our relationship and we look forward to working with them in the future.”

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