Siemens Enterprise Communications makes the Public Services Network a reality

Siemens Enterprise Communications today announces that it is embarking on an aggressive campaign to promote the real benefits of the Public Services Network (PSN) to the UK Public Sector.

The company says there is a growing buzz around the possibilities of the creation of a ‘network for networks’ and Siemens Enterprise Communications is actively supporting public sector organisations to do more with less. By embracing shared services, enabled through the PSN, the public sector can benefit from efficiencies and better manage the cuts outlined in the Comprehensive Spending Review.

Michael Bowyer Director of Public Sector Strategy, Siemens Enterprise Communications commented that: “While the PSN will drive efficiencies in procurement, it will also reduce the cost of supporting existing infrastructure, provide the ability to reuse existing assets, deliver operational flexibility and reduce operational expenditure. It is more important than ever to embrace PSN and deliver significant cost savings through shared services.”

Siemens Enterprise Communications has been instrumental in shaping the development of the PSN since its inception and is already delivering services across the UK to an increasing number of organisations. Working together with BT, Siemens Enterprise Communications is the only partnership able to provide the comprehensive range of communications services necessary to fully support the successful development of the PSN.

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