Siemens Line Up for SME Attack

Siemens is getting ready for a major assault on the SME market with two new product releases.

Later this month the vendor will launch the latest version 5.0 of their HiPath 540 product which serves up to 12 users and their new HiPath 2000, a soft PBX, will cater for the up to 30 user market. Both use existing keysets and the HiPath 2000, described as a ‘Real Time IP System’ on their US web site, was also seen driving their new Wi-Fi handset.

Marketing Manager David Dyer told Comms Business Magazine, HiPath 540 now offers organisations with up to 12 users a very well featured product – voice messaging, Auto Attendant, IP integration and CLI for analogue extensions – all for the same great price of £699. This makes the HiPath 540 a highly competitive small office / home office product.

In addition, the HiPath 540 uses the same phones and programming interfaces as the larger products in the HiPath 3000 range which makes it ideal for resellers who need an entry level product but also want to address the needs of the wider SMB market.”

Siemens distributor MTV Telecom believes the product could be a winner.

“Chairman Martin Hatcher says Siemens has pulled off a major coup in HiPath 540 that will benefit their whole product range. “In our experience resellers like to see a range of products from a single vendor that addresses the needs of the vast majority of their customer. It provides a comfort zone and a familiarity for them and their customers and a platform from which they can grow – both in terms of size and significantly, as we progress further along the convergence path, the more sophisticated applications that gear an organisation to compete more effectively in their own markets.”

HiPath 2000 is currently available in two formats in the US:
HiPath 2020, an entry solution for small office branch locations of larger enterprise sites, supporting up to 20 IP users. With IP interworking, the system networks to larger real-time IP systems. The HiPath 2030 model is for small enterprise sites or branch locations, supporting up to 30 IP users.

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