Siemens Lower IP ‘Cost Barriers’ for HiPath 3000

Siemens Marketing Manager David Dyer has announced new channel pricing for his HiPath 3000 series aimed at making the products more attractive for resellers and end users.

“We have been monitoring sales of HiPath 3000 and looking at market conditions,” says Dyer, “and have decided to reposition the product by making the IP elements far easier to sell. With immediate effect Siemens has reduced the price of all IP specific components by between 10 and 50%.”

Announcing a double bonus for the channel Dyer continued, “In the past we have disadvantaged resellers in selling IP solutions to some extent by having a lower margin for these IP elements. I can also announce that Siemens has now standardised the margins upwards across the entire HiPath 3000 range.”

Global growth in IP sales has enabled Siemens to realise better manufacturing costs which Dyer says the company is now passing on to the channel.

Siobhan Morey of Siemens distributor MTV Telecom told Comms Business Magazine, “This really is smashing news and resellers will be delighted to see the price reductions as well as the common, standard margin structure being implemented across the board. We now anticipate increased sales from existing Siemens resellers as well as considerable new interest being shown in Siemens 3000 series from other resellers. We’re here to help!”

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