Siemens to Show HiPath 8000 V2 at CeBIT

Playing in its own back garden, Siemens will be demonstrating Version 2.0 of its HiPath 8000 SIP Softswitch VoIP solution as an economical and efficient communication solution for mid-sized companies at CeBIT next month.

HiPath 8000 V2.0 is a carrier-grade universal switching and service delivery system that can be deployed as either an enterprise solution or as a hosted service. Siemens say the product is scalable from a few hundred to 100,000 users per single system, and virtually unlimited per network.

The system runs on fault-tolerant IBM eServer xSeries servers using the SuSE Linux operating system. Clustering software protects against hardware and software failures, and controls failover of redundant Ethernet links and cluster nodes. Redundancy is optional say Siemens in the 300-5000 user range, adding that by ensuring that all functions and applications maintain constant, unrestricted availability, HiPath 8000 V2.0 provides a new level of quality in IP communications.

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