Siemon adds angled patch panels to its intelligent infrastructure management range

Siemon has announced the addition of new angled Smart Patch Panels (SPP) to its full MapIT G2 intelligent infrastructure management (IIM) solution. The new panels combine onboard infrastructure monitoring intelligence with an angled configuration to easily facilitate high-density patch cord routing without the need for additional rack-mount cable management.

Designed to help network and data centre professionals to manage, monitor and secure their physical IT infrastructures, the MapIT G2 system integrates a powerful combination of innovative intelligent connectivity, user-friendly Master Control Panels and MapIT software to provide real-time tracking and reporting of network-wide physical layer activity.

Designed with a higher degree of intelligence, all MapIT G2 SPPs, including the new angled versions, feature an onboard LCD screen that provides connection status, diagnostics and dynamic label information. The LCD display provides more detailed instructions to technicians than simple LEDs or traditional non-intelligent panels. The ability to monitor and display patching fields in real time and perform diagnostics through this onboard interface reduces troubleshooting time and speeds the completion of work orders.

In addition to its intelligent features and functionality, the 24-port, 1U angled design of the new SPP allows patch cords to be routed directly into vertical cable managers, eliminating the need for additional horizontal cable managers to save valuable rack space and maximise data centre density.

Commenting on this addition to Siemon’s next generation IIM offering, Dan Vout, marketing manager for EMEA, said, “The MapIT G2 system enables 80 per cent higher density than competing IIM systems, providing a huge reduction in the amount of critical and expensive data centre rack, cabinet and floor space dedicated to physical layer infrastructure management. For example, some IIM systems require up to 60U of equipment to manage 20,000 ports. MapIT G2 can manage the same 20,000 ports in just 7U.”

In addition to dramatically improving density, MapIT G2 radically reduces power consumption, using 75 per cent less power than other IIM systems for a clear ‘green’ advantage. This lower power consumption also significantly cuts heat generation, improving the energy efficiency of data centre thermal management systems.

Available in category 6A (Class EA) shielded and unshielded and category 6 (Class E) unshielded configurations, the new MapIT G2 angled Smart Patch Panel is offered as both a fully functional SPP with integrated electronics and an ’intelligence ready’ configuration. Designed specifically for users planning future deployment of IIM systems, these field-upgradable intelligence ready panels can be installed on day one as standard patch panels and later upgraded as needed to fully intelligent SPPs with the simple addition of MapIT G2 electronics. This capability provides a simple and cost-effective IIM migration path. Electronics can be easily added to intelligence ready panels without disrupting horizontal cabling and patch cords already connected to the panels.

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