Siemon adds Category 6 UTP to the Z-MAX Range

Siemon has launched a new category 6 unshielded (UTP) version of the Z-MAX range of end-to-end network cabling systems. The company says, based on Siemon’s 10Gb/s capable Z-MAX 6A platform, the new category 6 UTP combines exceptional performance margins with 60 second termination time.

They add that the new category 6 Z-MAX system employs the same fast and simple, termination process as the Z-MAX 6A. Using Siemon’s patent-pending Z-TOOL, outlets can be terminated in less than 60 seconds from start to finish, including cable preparation.

“Overwhelming positive feedback on the Z-MAX 6A and speed of termination has driven requests and demand for a category 6 version of Z-MAX”, says Bob Carlson, Siemon’s VP of Global Marketing. “We listen to our customers and respond accordingly,” says Bob. “The market for category 6 is still ripe and this is a logical extension of Siemon’s breakthrough MAX product line.”

In addition to the Z-TOOL, the new category 6 Z-MAX outlet utilises the Z-MAX 6A’s patent-pending linear termination module. The linear termination module allows conductors to be laced quickly and naturally into position without crossing pairs. Maintaining and protecting cable pair geometry optimises transmission performance and consistency while removing a significant noise source present in all other RJ-45 outlets.

Utilising Siemon’s Premium 6 UTP cable, the Z-MAX 6 outlet’s unique design provides extended category 6 performance margins and transmission headroom. Additionally, the outlet’s enhanced noise resistance enables ultra-high density patching, allowing Z-MAX 6 modular patch panels to support up to 48 ports in just 1U of rack or cabinet space.

Available in both flat and angled configurations, the Z-MAX 6 patch panels feature a unique modular Quick-Snap panel design, which allows Z-MAX 6 panel outlets and pre-terminated trunking cable assemblies to be quickly snapped into place to speed initial deployment and subsequent moves, adds and changes. Combined with 48-port, 1U patching, Z-MAX 6’s Quick-Snap design and pre-terminated trunking cable compatibility provides rapid deployment, superior flexibility and ultra-high density in mission-critical data centre infrastructures.
To further enhance flexibility and user-friendliness, all Z-MAX work area outlets feature an exclusive hybrid flat/angled design that allows either flat or angled mounting orientations with the same outlet. Newly enhanced high visibility printed icons provide a complete colour-coded identification system.

The end-to-end Z-MAX 6 UTP channel is supported by Siemon’s category 6 MC patch cords and high-density BladePatch modular cords. Z-MAX 6 hybrid flat/angled outlets are compatible with all Siemon MAX series modular patch panels and faceplates.

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