Siemon adds Interconnect capability to its MapIT G2 intelligent infrastructure range

Siemon has launched the MapIT G2 Copper Interconnect System. This network management innovation is an extension and enhancement to the MapIT G2 Intelligent Infrastructure Management (IIM) solution and offers a more cost-effective option, which simplifies installation. This system gives complete visibility and control of the entire physical layer network, enabling the tracking and monitoring of ports in real time and management of network documentation.

With the MapIT G2 Copper Interconnect, both material costs and installation time are reduced by 17 per cent, when compared with a cross-connect configuration. In this interconnect topology, switch ports are connected from the switch directly to the smart copper patch panel, eliminating the cost of a second copper patch panel and the related patch cords used in a traditional cross-connect configuration.

The Interconnect Control Module (ICM) is an important part of the Interconnect solution: This hand-held Ethernet device creates a software-based link between the switch port and the smart patch panel port. The ICM discovers the switch side of the patch connection and, through a few simple steps, recognises the successful connection to the smart panel, verifying the data on the LCD display. This device is used by technicians during initial installation and when making subsequent moves, adds and changes (MACs).

Commenting on the launch, Robert Carlson, vice president of global marketing at Siemon, explained, “The MapIT G2 system is designed to help network and data centre professionals to manage, monitor and secure their physical IT infrastructures. It provides a host of capabilities to help optimise the network, to safeguard it and maintain it at peak performance. With the new Copper Interconnect system, we provide the option of a more cost-effective topology that simplifies installation. We expect it to be equally welcomed by those designing systems and those responsible for the management of the network.”

In addition to dramatically improving network management, MapIT G2 radically reduces power consumption, using 75 per cent less power than other IIM systems for a clear ‘green’ advantage. This lower power consumption also significantly cuts heat generation, improving the energy efficiency of data centre thermal management systems.

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