Siemon Launches Online Educational Resource Centre on Shielded Network Cabling

Siemon, a the provider of network cabling solutions, has launched a new online resource centre, dedicated to helping IT networking and data centre professionals get clear facts on shielded network cabling. This includes systems such as category 6A F/UTP and category 7A S/FTP and outlines the benefits of shielded twisted-pair copper cabling.

Focusing on key network infrastructure issues such as 10Gb/s performance requirements, noise resistance, installation considerations, cost savings and future-proofing, provides an easily navigated portal to Siemon’s library of in-depth resources. From a simple, one-page list of key shielded cabling benefits, advantages and myths, users can access instructional videos, whitepapers, customer case studies and an array of other materials.

Key topics covered in the shielded cabling resource centre include considerations such as market drivers, performance headroom, electromagnetic interference and security. Practical information is provided on termination speed, installation practices, grounding and bonding and alien crosstalk resistance. Subjects such as PoE and PoE Plus heat generation issues are also covered and cable sharing for high density work areas.

“Shielded cabling suffers from a legacy reputation of being difficult to install and hence the market adoption has not been as rapid as the considerable benefits of this cabling should justify,” said Graeme Stoker, marketing manager for Siemon in EMEA. “This type of misconception is challenged by the clear and informative materials contained in this new online resource centre. From technical written papers to short instructional videos and customer case studies, there is a wealth of information here, readily available for all IT professionals.”

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