Sierra Launches AirLink

Sierra Wireless has announced the launch of AirLink Enterprise Connect, a bundled solution for retail and branch locations in the United Kingdom, France, and Germany. AirLink Enterprise Connect provides everything an IT manager needs to get a branch location online and connected in minutes, facilitating mission-critical activities such as payment processing and inventory management. By using a 4G LTE wireless network, the need to wait for wired broadband installation is eliminated.

The rollout of 4G LTE networks across Europe positions wireless as a viable and often more flexible connectivity solution than wired lines. AirLink Enterprise Connect comprises an AirLink ES440 Gateway and Terminal Server, pre-integrated and provisioned with a subscription that provides access to AirVantage Management Service and a local 4G LTE SIM, all bundled into one box. For distributed enterprises like retailers, restaurant chains, kiosks, and small branch offices, AirLink Enterprise Connect provides a primary network connection that is remarkably quick, flexible, and easy to set up, or a best-in-class failover solution for an existing wired broadband connection.

“The availability of high-speed 4G LTE networks is growing across Europe, and 4G-based solutions like the AirLink Enterprise Connect bundle from Sierra Wireless offer an attractive alternative for connecting branch locations,” said Philip Cole, European Sales and Marketing Director for Wireless Logic. “We are excited to collaborate with Sierra Wireless, a leading provider of 4G LTE solutions around the world, to address this market, and look forward to serving our joint customers with a fast, easy solution to meet their connectivity needs.”

“Simplicity is a key requirement for an IT manager who may be hours away from any given location,” said Emmanuel Walckenaer, Senior Vice President, Enterprise Solutions for Sierra Wireless. “With AirLink Enterprise Connect, personnel at remote locations can easily get their connections up and running straight out of the box, and IT managers have the added assurance of remote access to upgrade, change configurations, and even restart network equipment when needed. For businesses that rely on continuous connectivity, this can vastly reduce the risk of downtime and ensure those critical connections are maintained to process payments and access real-time data.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine