Silent Communication to supply Visual Voice mail to Sony Ericsson

Silent Communication, a provider of device and network agnostic mobile clients, has announced that it has licensed its Visual Voice Mail software to Sony Ericsson, the global mobile handset manufacturer.

This deal provides Sony Ericsson the ability to roll out a highly valued service across every phone in its range, regardless of operating system, providing a significant advantage in the highly competitive handset market.

In addition, Silent Communication’s unique Device and Network Agnostic engine enables the Visual Voicemail application to work on any operator network voicemail, including Comverse, Alcatel Lucent, Ericsson, Acision, Unisys, Streamwide and more.

Silent Communication CEO, Max Bluvband, said: “The mobile world is fighting a battle against device and network fragmentation. This battle impacts the entire ecosystem, from mobile operators who can take months to develop applications for the wide list of devices, through to network and VAS providers who need to make tough choices about how many or which devices to support, and ultimately the consumer, who is left confused and disenchanted with the traditional operators who leave them waiting months for the value added services they desire.

“A device and network agnostic approach is the major weapon in this battle and we are delighted that Sony Ericsson, one of the largest mobile manufacturers in the world, has recognised Silent Communication’s ability to cut their cost and time to market with valuable services that drive loyalty, satisfaction and revenue.”

Silent Communication’s Visual Voice Mail client is compatible with Sony Ericsson’s entire suite of handset platforms, including Java, Symbian, Android and Windows Mobile. The solution gives Sony Ericsson mobile users the ability to manage their Voicemail directly from their device, so voicemail is accessible and manageable even when out of range, with no need to navigate through the Voicemail voice prompts.

Advanced voice mail services such as these have proven to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, as well as raising voice mail usage.

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