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Simetric Break the Mould With Dubber

Simetric Telecom have partnered with Dubber to add their on-demand call recording and playback services to their flagship Mobile-X product. The Dubber service is a cloud call recording platform that records every call made, but only makes a charge if a call is downloaded to use.

This is a perfect solution for financial and legal businesses where compliance is a critical issue and all calls need to be available for scrutiny. Companies where this is a requirement normally incur large storage and retrieval costs and are only be able to record calls on pre-defined extensions.

The advantage of Mobile-X with Dubber is that businesses only incur charges for recordings which are retrieved on demand from their infinite storage in the cloud, all others are securely stored at no cost.

John Murray, Director of Simetric Telecom, said “The Dubber native cloud platform is a market leading call recording service that we’re thrilled to offer to our users. We can now deliver a seamless integration of unified communications and call recording into both fixed and mobile services, helping our customers to manage their calls, and to achieve compliance across devices and across international boundaries. This partnership with Dubber is a UK first, and demonstrates yet again that Simetric lead the way in mobile convergence.”

Steve McGovern, CEO of Dubber said “Simetric have put together a truly market disruptive service and we are very pleased to be a part of it and to support their vision of a converged and unified telecoms network. Dubber is designed to deliver not just traditional call recording requirements but to go above and beyond legacy solutions and provide revolutionary new products for the end user, ultimately increasing the value of unified communications for everyone.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine