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Simwood Launches Developer Packs to Break Down Mobile Barriers

After a long wait the much anticipated developers packs have now shipped. Simon Woodhead, MD of Simwood said in an email to those that pre-ordered the pack, “This has been a long time coming and we’re really excited to get them into your hands. We still have a fair bit to do before launch-proper but the time is right to get them into developers hands and let your awesome creations be born.”

Simwood Mobile and the associated Developer Pack claims to give CPs a new level of access to mobile services including full control of voice, text and data traffic, mobile numbers, porting and SIM branding.

“As we mentioned before, some of the use cases are really exciting and innovative. We know some customers are literally on standby with teams of developers to integrate and build their MVNO. Others are waiting to prototype innovative solutions in pursuit of external funding. We’re flattered how seriously you’re taking this and how many of you get what we’re trying to do and sense the opportunity there is for you in mobile.”

Simon continued “Traditional MVNEs will seek to charge £80-100k out the door to build a service with a fraction of the capability we’re offering, and that is before a monthly commitment of several thousand per month. We’ve spent many times this amount building Simwood Mobile and made massive financial commitments going forwards, despite charging you just £100 to get started. Making it available at the uniquely low entry levels we’re offering is conscious as we want to enable lots of developers to open up the market and innovate without cost constraints. We believe we’ll then benefit with volume from successful services as our proposition is unique in technical terms. Of course, those who’d prefer better pricing are very welcome to make an early volume commitment as we’re very receptive to mitigating some of the large costs we’ve taken on. Some of you already have, but give us a call in the next few days if you’re interested as we won’t be offering it after that.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine