Singularity Announce Business as Usual

Singularity has announced it is the first company in the UK to bring a customer to “business as usual” (BAU) on the Openreach Equivalence Management Platform (EMP) for all three WLR products available on the platform. (PSTN, ISDN2 & ISDN30).

Singularity achieved BAU levels last week on ISDN2 orders for their customer Unicom, part of Universal Utilities, using the Singularity WLR3 solution. This success comes on the back of Unicom reaching BAU on ISDN30 and PSTN for WLR3 earlier this year. Singularity says it is the first third party integrator (TPI) to have their WLR3 solution run at BAU levels across all three products available on the Openreach EMP platform. Singularity was part of a select group of vendors asked by Openreach to participate in a pilot launch of the new ISDN2 service.

“We’re delighted to be the first communication provider to hit this milestone”, said Chris Earle of Unicom. “Being able to access the full WLR3 product range on Openreach is key to Unicom providing superior service and products to our customers in the fixed line marketplace. We’d like to thank Singularity for their great work in getting us there”.

“This underlines that all products are now firmly established on the EMP platform”, said Nicola Porter Vaughan Openreach Head of Product Establishment. “For any communication providers wishing to migrate across to the new platform, the message is that WLR3 on the EMP is fully open for business and they should begin their migration as soon as possible”.

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