Singularity Take Smart Route to WLR3

Wholesale Line Rental company Singularity is holding a seminar for resellers on how to gain the maximum benefit of the Equivalence Management Platform (EMP) by provisioning with SingularityWLR3

The seminar takes place on 29th May 2009, 10-30am-3.30pm at the BT Wholesale offices at Gatwick.

In 2005 the UK’s communications regulator OFCOM stipulated that BT must open up its wholesale services to independent providers. In response, BT has spun off its wholesale arm into a new company called OpenReach, which will provide a ‘level playing field’ to independent Telco Providers in the UK who buy and sell phone services to business and private customers. However, before they can access these new services the independent operators have to be able to link their internal ordering systems to OpenReach using a standard called Wholesale Line Rental 3 (WLR3).

All customers of the Wholesale Line Rental portfolio (aka Wholesale Access, Wholesale Digital Access and Wholesale ISDN 2 & 30) have been affected, including all CPs as well as BT Retail and BT Global Services. Existing users of WLR2 have a grace period to continue using the current protocol, but migration to the new standard will be encouraged over time.

To help Communication Providers make the transition to WLR3 as easy and painless as possible; Singularity are holding the seminar to allow Communication Providers to talk to key senior WLR3 Openreach representatives, Singularity’s Billing partners and some of Singularity’s current WLR3 customers to understand how to transform your business through SingularityWLR3.

Singularity says “Wholesale Line Rental 3 holds tremendous value in terms of access to information and enhanced operational efficiency. Providing CPs much greater speed, accuracy and ease for fulfilment, communication and assurance. Through using WLR3, CPs can provide faster order processing, live appointment scheduling, no need for forecasting, fewer rejected orders, enhanced number reservation, better customer information and better testing and fault reporting.

The advantages of moving early include reduced cost of provisioning, equivalence of service, significant reduction in order rejection leading to improved customer satisfaction. We also believe that taking a business process based approach to WLR3 opens wider opportunities for enhancing end-to-end processes that will further improve revenues and costs. The EMP is stable and open for business with all 3 product sets live, and we expect the rate of adoption of SingularityWLR3 to rapidly grow; now we have PSTN, ISDN 30 and 2 live.”

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